Meet the Team

Brian Lopez

Brian and Dana have been married for 13 years and have had the privilege of being licensed foster parents for 10 years.  They have loved pouring their heart and soul into dozens of foster youth during that time who needed someone to take a chance on them.  They are also very involved in their fostering community, serving on various foster/adopt advisory boards and mentoring other foster families.  Brian currently serves as Dogwood Ranch’s COO and Dana as CEO.  In addition to their amazing foster youth, they have three beautiful daughters, Hailey (24), Kezzie (8) and Sammy (6).

Dana Lopez

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Sam Crowell
Ranch Manager

Dana’s parents, Sam and Brenda Crowell, have spent their married life together opening their home to children and youth.  Starting a ranch for kids has been a lifelong dream of theirs, but doing it alone was not a possibility.  The Lord began putting the pieces of the puzzle together when Brian and Dana married and shared the same desire.  Little did they know that the dream would become Dogwood Ranch and that they would relocate to southwest Missouri from California.  Sam is the Ranch Manager and Brenda serves as Treasurer, however having the privilege of being Papa and Nana to the many precious kiddos of Dogwood Ranch is their greatest joy.

Brenda Crowell

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Don & Margie Lopez were married in 1971 and lived most of their lives in California. They raised
3 sons, who have blessed them with 3 lovely daughters-in-law and 7 precious grandchildren. They
are blessed to be “Grammy & Pappy” to not only their 7 grandchildren but to the many foster kids who are and have been a part of Dogwood Ranch. They love having the opportunity to be mentors and role models as they grandparent these precious kids. Don is retired and helps with the physical maintenance of the ranch property and ranch vehicles. Margie works as a legal secretary for a law firm in Springfield, Missouri and serves as the Dogwood Ranch Secretary. Don & Margie are amazed every time they look back at the divine circumstances and miraculous journey that led them to live in Missouri and to help establish Dogwood Ranch. They could not be more blessed!

Don Lopez

Margie Lopez

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Kathy spent most of her life in Southern California enjoying the beach, mountains and desert. Through many interesting life experiences, she found herself called to two avenues of ministry that are close to her heart: Recovery and Fostering. In 2009 she moved to southwest Missouri to work with Dogwood Ranch where she is able to live out her dream of helping youth in the foster care system become whole. She officially serves as Dogwood Ranch’s Administrative Coordinator and is an Equine Specialist for Healing Reins; however, on any given day you might find her parenting a kid or two, mowing at the ranch, working with horses (and loving it), inputting data, or enjoying her new hobby of hunting.

Kathy Noret
Administrative Coordinator

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Jessica serves as the Development Director for Dogwood Ranch. In her words, “I am so blessed that God led me to this amazing family and organization”.  Jessica has an extensive background in counseling and social work, which is how she came to know about Dogwood Ranch many years ago. She loves seeing the youth that Dogwood works with not only succeed, but soar!  When she is not writing grants and coordinating fundraising efforts, she enjoys spending time with her family and two beautiful kids.

Jessica Guccione
Development Director

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Board of Directors

Brian Lopez
COO, Dogwood Ranch
​Resides in Ozark, MO

Stephen Hobson
Director of Accounting for Doulos Ministries, Inc.
Resides in Kansas City, MO

Eric Gaisford
Wealth Advisor for InFocus Financial Solutions Resides in Ozark, MO

Eric Cardwell
CMO at Summit Specialty Products
Resides in Ozark, MO

Sam Crowell
Retired CEO of New Frontier Technology
Resides in Ozark, MO

Sharon Kuert
Retired Pastor
Resides in Springfield, MO

Larry Shakley
VP of Engineering for Solutionwerks, Inc
Resides in Republic, MO

Ezekiel Kuehn
Geomorphologist, Wildscape Environmental
Resides in Springfield, MO

Marsha I. Stiles, JD.
Attorney, Midwest Center for Law & Justice 
Resides in Forsythe, MO